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Please see below our 3 different Agency Fee Options: Casual, Membership or Permanent Placements. Please contact the Agency to discuss which option will suit you best.

Casual Rates:

$35 per day
$190 per week
$200 Casual 6 Pack (6 sporadic dates)

Membership Rates

Tier 1 Annual Membership $545 (Maximum of 2 bookings per week)

Tier 2 Annual Membership $745 (Maximum of 4 bookings per week OR unlimited holiday bookings)
Over the 12 month period Tier 1 or Tier 2 members are entitled to up to two/four bookings per week or unlimited school holiday dates with either the same or different Big Buddies. Further fees will be charged if the client needs to increase either permanently or temporarily. Limited members have the option to upgrade to a Tier 3 Membership at anytime on a pro rata basis or pay the casual rates of $35 per extra day or $190 per extra week.

Tier 3 Annual Membership $995 per year (unlimited bookings)
During the annual period the member is entitled to unlimited bookings with any of our Big Buddies.

Permanent Placement Fees

If you would prefer to employ your Manny rather than become a member, we charge a one off fee of 10% of the Mannies annual Gross salary. The Agency can supply an employment contract to families for this purpose. We strongly advise this option if you are offering over 30 hours per week and would like a long term commitment from your Manny.

It is the responsibility of the Client to pay all tax, and superanuation on behalf of any permanently employed Manny. For more information on nanny tax and superanuation please visit
Manny salaries are determined on a case by case basis, based on hours and responsibilities.

Trial period
All Melbourne Permanent Placements will begin with a four week trial. The family will be invoiced a non refundable fee of $400 to cover this period before the placement commences. Should the trial be successful a second fee will be charged for the remaining balance of 10% of the Mannies weekly Gross salary. The family may choose to extend the trial period for another month at a further non refundable charge of $400.

International or Interstate Placements
International or Interstate trial periods may be determined by the families as either 2 or 4 week periods. Full payment of agency fees must be paid before the trial period begins. Families are also responsible for payment of all travel expenses on behalf of their new Manny.
A refund of 75% of Agency Fees will be given should the trial be unsuccessful after two weeks and a 60% refund after four weeks. After 4 weeks, if the family and the Manny agree to continue the Manny is deemed permanently placed and the contract is confirmed.

My Big Buddy reserves the right to alter prices, charges, processes and procedures as reasonably required.

MBb Terms and Conditions UK 2014

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